I started dj'n from another online game, inbwhich this WAS a game not like Second Life Lol.

The game I came from to Second Life was called The Sims Online (now gone Thank God!). But that is where I first started djin & been djin ever since then.

The proggy that I use to dj is SAM broadcaster but before it was Winamp + Shoutcast DSP DNS server but now Winamp is better to listen to radio & not to use to dj with! The lag & crap, its not worth to use for djin with IMO 😜

But I have a server that is used to dj with in SL! Its been pretty good so far & I thank you for that :).

Yes its in the UK & I am in the US, they had no trouble in setting it up for me. They are the nicest crew & again THANK YOU!!!! Some ask me how I am using a stream from the UK, isn't only for uk & not US?!

Well easy to answer, in no way it states on their site that they only allow pple in the UK to use their streaming service!

But back to dj'n Lol

I only play the following genres:






I will add more genres to the list but for now that is what I play!

I like some DUPSTEP but clubs in SL does not allow or like DUPSTEP & I will abide by their wish's & rules πŸ˜‹πŸ’€

I want everyone happy & to enjoy themselves while listenin to the sick ass tunez!

Have any questions, contact in SL with a NC as that my IM's does get CAPPED!

Please make sure you named your NC with the info below:

SL Name (not your display name):

SL time:

Suggestion - Comments - Questions:

Please give me at least 24 hrs to respond (if its not a song request/dedication/shoutout!

For requests - defication - shoutout, give me some time to get it as I have other songs in que from other listeners πŸ˜‹